images: pm-rootfs-20181108-180147.tar.gz, pm-rootfs-20181110-183644.tar.gz
device: bullhead


Plasma General
*Pressing power button just turns screen off, it should lock screen AND turn screen off
*No option to unlock SIM is presented, no GSM/3G network
*Top drawer > click to Location: Nothing happens : it's placeholder for now
*Video recording is broken in camera app
*When an app already runs, clicking to it again (not using the left side drawer) delay on opening (vavve). Clicking to already running settings, huge delay, maybe never opens
*> Basically it dbus timeouts (180 seconds delay)
*Activate application if already running instead of trying to reopen in case of single instance application
*Not found a specific pattern, but in most cases, when multiple apps are open, single pressing "home" button does nothing. Clicking again, it is ok (back to the home screen)
*Top search bar: Open > Type a character. Dealy in displaying the 1st character. Typing the rest of a word seems ok.
*Also happens only once.. i.e if you restart plasmashell it is fine but only on very first time on one boot, makes me think some runner is misbehaving.
*When a new activity is added > screen flickering. After a couple of minutes, shell crashes:
*Top drawer > Battery and .. > Five batteries are shown (1 discharging 0% , 2 fully charged 100%, 2 charging 0%) . Not sure what is relevant or not here.
*Top drawer > Battery and .. > Configuration handle > "Energy Saving" desktop dialog opens. Also, it does not respect the active "breeze dark" theme. We need a mobile thing here.
*plasma-pa needs mobile specific KCM and plasmoid, will open the task about this as I've specicfic instructions for this in mind.
*Virtual keyboard defaults to "caps lock enabled". Maybe personal taste, I d prefer lowercase by default (e.g. in terminal is convenient)
*Top drawer network, battery, audio and the two-circle-thing indicators: when clicked, a blue line is added on top. Meaning? :)
*powerdevil crash after/at unlock (backtrace is not at all usefull)
*org_kde_powerdevil does not provide a bug reporting address
*cannot reconnect to wifi after screen locked due to longish inactivity <- reported:
*last wifi connection is displayed but nothing happens if I click on connect
*does not disappear if I toggle plane-mode
*no proper way to turn off device besides systemctl poweroff
*when screen is locked, typing a wrong password, you end up with a black screen that lets you know the only way out... go to terminal and unlock session (<- need to backport memfd_create syscall to the bullhead kernel)
*Top drawer > Networks > When clicking to wifi checkbox the whole wireless thing

Breeze Dark
* Going to Settings > Sound, text is black while background is dark gray
* > Git project : plasma-pa probably
*Dialer: blank screen is displayed (just a "sign" that a bottom tab bar exists, navigation between blank tabs is feasible)
*Breeze dark is not applied to Angelfish

*Open: Desktop-ish dialog, says the server failed the authenticity check (
*Application contains text: "No application back-ends found, please report to your distribution" (connected to internet? Date correct on phone?) yes, yes (also heisenbug, related to bug listed below)
*Cannot reproduce in pm-rootfs-20181110-183644
*> Console says:
*Fwupd Error 10 The name org.freedesktop.fwupd was not provided by any .service files
*qml: message: The name org.freedesktop.fwupd was not provided by any .service files
*Installed package fwupd, seems fixed
*In Discover settings, a list of checkboxes with text "udefined" is shown : bug 399647 heisenbug.. :'(
*Installed package fwupd, seems fixed
*Passive notification: Please make sure that Appstream is properly setup...

*Dialpad tab: "ugly" :) display, gray ABC, DEF thing behind black numbers. Wrong positioning of letters: behind 1: nothing, ..., behind 5: ABC. Three empty boxes are displayed ... something regressed here completely.. improved it So, subtask of Dialer task, reporting the regression? Yeah

*Trying to retrieve the supported flash modes, added this to Camera app:
*console.log("flash supported modes: " + camera.flash.supportedModes.length). It always returns 0, which is strange according to
*Please pastebin /etc/gst-droid/droidcamsrc.conf
*Camera app captures wrong orientation in images.

*It does not fetch the "mobile" web site version (e.g. duckduckgo has a friendly mobile start page, angelfish displays a desktop-ish one)
*crashes on long press (mobile) or right click (desktop) when running on wayland
*when in debugger (on wayland desktop) it shows a context menu with garbage background but does not crash
*works fine on X11 (desktop)

*weird horizontal list <- needs kirigamification.
*This the relative project, right? So, it nees qmlification as well...
*^ Horizontal list is coming form
*no icon for owncloud
*is owncloud compatible to nextcloud?
*In desktop, executung kcmshell5 kcm_kaccounts, it seems that nextcloud integration works.
*Starting new account dialog for "owncloud"
*Looking for plugin "owncloud_plugin_kaccounts"
*Adding plugin OwnCloudWizard(0x559f7b6c8550) ""
*Checking for ownCloud instance at QUrl("https://*****/index.php/status.php")
*Received url to figure out: QUrl("https://*****/index.php/login")
*Checking for ownCloud instance at QUrl("https://*****/status.php")
*No json
*ownCloud appears to be running at the specified URL
*Server URL ok, checking auth...
*Auth job finished, received error page: false

*Screen Brightness is initialized to 0% Well, it's not 0%. If by mistake you slide to left, you go 0%, and then, the screen becomes black. We should avoid this. <- ........... wonder if brightness slider there is useful?

*Does not exist yet ... <- we have translations kcm in plasma-desktop which should be moved to plasma-workspace so can be installed n mobile.

Settings/Time and Date
*When Set time automatically is checked:
*Reboot > Delay on setting the correct date/time
*Disable WiFi > Reboot > Date/time is not set correctly

*it takes a long time to cycle to your prefered layout/language
*some layouts are missing font support (square boxes)

*Too much space around text in breadcrumb
*menu says "Syncing ...", with what?
*Nothing happens when I click on Menu -> Settings or Syncing